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Universal Currency Coin Exchange

Does your charity collect foreign coins and notes?

May we take this opportunity to introduce out service to your charity.

Do you have old or new, foreign currency? What do you get for them? Most banks do not take coins or out of date notes, so what happens to them? Do they get put in a draw and lost? Or would you rather they were given to your charity as part of your fundraising activities?

The service we provide is quite easy to follow. If you make a collection of foreign currency, we will

pick up from anywhere within the London area, further afield by arrangement.

We will sort all the coins and notes and pay a set percentage for every country

We do not estimate, but count every coin or note so you get a higher return.

All payments go to your charity so that you can be sure that the collection is accountable.

There is not a coin made that has no value so don’t be fooled into believing that it is worth nothing.

We buy from supermarkets, travel agents, banks, coach companies, museums, schools,

churches, hotels and many more outlets similar to these.

If you would like more information, please feel free to give us a call.


Tel: 07831 662594